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New lower shipping cost to USA!

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We have some exiting news for all our customers from USA.

Starting from today our shipping prices to USA are going down from 24.99 GBP to 19.99 GBP

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Other shipping prices to some international location will be lowered shortly as well.

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How to install KOMAR wallpapers? Video added!

All of you who do not like read instruction – great news – we have just added Komar Wallpapering instructions for paper wall murals video. This tutorial shows you step-by-step just how easy it is to apply photomurals to walls.

2 different Videos has been added.

1) Installation of paper wallpapers.

2) Installation of non-woven wallpapers.

Go to “Instructions” tab and watch it – installation has never been easier!


Useful tips – how to install paper wallpaper to avoid “Not matching panels”

As many of you have asked us about this particular thing we decide that we add some useful tips to our blog. Just to make life easier for all struggling with matching paper panels of your mural.

Matching panels (paper wall murals only) may become the hardest part of installation. To make sure that all panels will match once installed please make sure that you follow instruction and stick to these rules:

1) OVERLAP all panels as per instruction which is supplied with your wallpaper.

2) Spread the glue in such a way so as to prevent wallpaper from soaking for too long. Keep EQUAL SOAKING TIME of each strip – 2-3 MIN. after applying wallpaper adhesive (Exact soaking time provided on instruction which is supplied with your product!).

3) Apply an EVEN, THIN COAT of adhesive to the back of the wall covering, make sure that all areas are covered with paste with no un-pasted spots.

4) You are installing paper wallpaper so when you apply wallpaper adhesive to any part of your mural IT WILL EXPAND (grow) slightly. Do not try to match dry (not soaked) part of wallpaper with soaked one as these will not match.

5) DRYING: The drying period must be quite long (about 24 hours), as drying too quickly will cause separation of the edges and cracking of the image wallpaper could occur. The work should therefore be done at a room temperature of approximately 20ºc. In the winter the room must be moderately heated. Keep the WINDOWS CLOSED to AVOID ANY DRAFT.

6) Make sure that your first panel is to A PLUMB LINE. If the first panel is at an angle, the mural will only worsen as you continue to hang each panel. If panels will be installed at different angles then pattern will not match!

7) It’s a paper wallpaper – so, handle a soaked strip with care (DO NOT STRETCH), while covering, for example concave corners, do not press with fingers because you can make a hole. Don’t be in a hurry. Work slowly to avoid making mistakes.

8) This is job for two people! Do not try to do it by yourself.
Unequal sizes of strips – failure to maintain equal time of wallpaper soaking.
Loose photo wallpaper – soaking wallpaper for too long or using an improper glue.

Bubbles underneath the paper – too short soaking time (the paper expands on the wall instead of on the floor) – some bubbles will vanish when the paper dries up, however bigger bubbles may stay.

Not matching panels – it may be caused by many different factors – please refer to above information.

That should be all the most important tips. However if you are looking for something what can be installed much more easier and faster we suggest to buy non-woven wallpaper. It is most user friendly type of wallpapers available on the market. You want to know more? Soon next article about non-woven wall murals will be added here. Just keep checking our blog.